ZOUK Malmö

Welcome to ZOUK Malmö!
ZOUK Malmö is the largest Brazilian ZOUK dance school in southern Sweden. We organize courses, workshops and events that highlights every occasion, big or small. The company is based in Malmö but we travel throughout Sweden and all over the world to teach.

Learn to dance Brazilian ZOUK  

Learn to dance the beautiful couple dance ZOUK!
This sensual dance originates from Brazil and contains rhythms from the Caribbean islands. Brazilian ZOUK is a very new dance style that has spread through the world in a short time. ZOUK means party and no name could fit better!
ZOUK can be anything from a funky hip hop dance to a soft flowing dance filled with emotion – only your imagination sets the limits. The dance has its roots in Lambada but is now days danced to all types of music - often slower music like RnB.
ZOUK is known for its many head movements, but it can also be danced completely without these.

We dance in couples and switch partners often, so you can register with or without a dance partner. If you want to dance with a fixed partner that is also possible.

Here you learn all you need to know to dance on the dance floors. We teach basic steps, cool combinations, technique, body movement and styling. Join us and have fun with ZOUK Malmö and dance the beautiful dance style ZOUK – bring your partner, friend or meet new friends at the courses!

See you soon