Q1. I don’t have a dance partner – can I participate anyway?
           A. Sure! Everyone is welcome and we arrange so that everyone has someone to dance with. We also rotate partners frequently so that everyone will dance with everyone.
Q2. I have not danced anything before – can I participate anyway?
           A. Sure! We are here to learn to dance and the beginner classes are made for you. 
Q3. I saw the head movements – do I need to do that?
          A. Of course not! ZOUK can be danced completely without head movements. They are an add-on to the dance when/if you want to do them. We only teach head movements at intermediate/advanced level classes or in private lessons.
Q4. I saw all the tricks in your shows – do I need to do that?
          A. No! Tricks are for shows and not for social dancing. We teach social dance in our classes and if you like tricks -sign up for the choreography/show classes.  
Q5. I danced a lot of other dance styles – which level should I start with?
          A. We always suggest you start with beginner classes (and repeat those) and move on to intermediate classes when it feels right.  Basics are the foundation of the dance and will help you become an advanced dancer. 
Q6. At what age can you dance ZOUK?
          A. Everyone at any age can dance ZOUK and you are welcome!
Q7. I have an injury – can I participate anyway?
          A. Please discuss with us and your doctor before signing up to the classes. We can give you advice, but in the end it’s up to you and you are responsible for your decision. We will of course take care as much as we can in the classes.
Q8. How do I sign up?
           A. Please use our registration form here on our home page click here!
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